Troubleshooting push and SMS notifications

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As you use Car Next Door, we’ll send you communications to do with your trips, cars and account. These notifications come via email, push notification and SMS. If you’re not receiving these notifications there may be some settings you can adjust to make sure you don’t miss any important communications from us.

Give permissions for the right kind of messages

If you prefer to receive push notifications, you’ll need to have installed the Car Next Door app and logged in. You will also need to give the Car Next Door app permission to send push notifications.

If you prefer to receive SMS notifications, you’ll need to go into your phone’s settings (not the Car Next Door app) and disable permission for the Car Next Door app to send push notifications.

Here’s how to manage push notification permissions on iOS and Android.

Check you're subscribed to the right notifications

Go to the notification preferences centre and make sure you’ve ticked to receive the notifications you want via email and push or SMS.

If you see options to choose ‘Email’ and ‘Push’, you have push notifications enabled on your phone. If you see options to choose ‘Email’ and ‘SMS’ you you have push notifications disabled on your phone. You can adjust this following the instructions above.

Set your push notification alert types and styles

Depending on your phone’s model, you can adjust the style of push notifications you receive to help make sure you don’t miss a notification.


  1. Go to Settings > Notifications and select Car Next Door
  2. Check that ‘Allow notifications’ is turned on
  3. Select all three alert types - lock screen, notification centre and banners
  4. Set your banner style to ‘persistent’
  5. Turn ‘Sounds’ and ‘Badges’ on


  1. Go to Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications and select Car Next Door
  2. Check that 'Blocked' is off
  3. Turn ‘Priority’ or ‘Treat as priority’ on

Update the Car Next Door app

Make sure you have the latest version of the Car Next Door app installed by searching for 'Car Next Door' in your app store and seeing if there is an option to update.

Using the app on multiple devices

If you log into your account on more than one device, all the devices will need to have the same notification settings. If one device has push notifications enabled for Car Next Door and another doesn’t, you may receive a confusing mix of message types.

Still having problems?

Get in touch with us so we can investigate further what’s causing the issue. Let us know the model of phone you have, what operating system your phone is using, and what version of the Car Next Door app you have installed, as well as any specific information about the notifications you’ve missed or received incorrectly.

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