How to set up your vehicle for car sharing

You’ve received everything you need in the post to get your car listed on Car Next Door and start sharing! 

Your self-install kit should contain:

  • Stickers
  • A GPS device
  • A toll tag in a bag
  • A lockbox and shackle
  • Window hanging bracket*

*if the lockbox is on the vehicle


Put aside about an hour to work through the following steps to get set up.

  1. Apply Stickers
  2. Attach a Toll Tag
  3. Plug in your GPS tracker
  4. Set up your lockbox
  5. Take initial condition photos of your vehicle and complete your vehicle profile

1) Apply Stickers

All car-sharing vehicles require stickers, but you choose how many. Use the photos below to meet our sticker placement requirements.

It's important to make sure the surface is clean and dry before you apply any stickers. 


Fuel stickers


No smoking stickers

Screen_Shot_2021-01-06_at_9.57.29_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-01-06_at_9.57.35_AM.png

Windscreen stickers

Screen_Shot_2021-01-06_at_9.59.13_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-01-06_at_9.59.26_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-01-06_at_9.59.34_AM.png

Panel stickers


Note: If you’ve never applied stickers to a vehicle before, see the linked videos below for instructions on how to apply them.

Example of how to apply stickers


2) Attach a Toll Tag

Car Next Door will supply a toll tag that allows us to track toll charges incurred during trips. If your vehicle doesn’t currently have a toll tag you can stick the holder to the windscreen in the following location.


If you have your own toll tag in the vehicle, please remove it and replace it with the one supplied. Don’t just leave it in the glovebox - some owners have been double-charged when both tags registered! The tag can easily be stuck to the inside of the windscreen.


3) Plug in your GPS Tracker

To pay you for the distance Borrowers drive, and help Borrowers find your vehicle, we use a GPS tracker. 

It’s a plug-and-play device which goes in the OBD2 port of the car and is secured in place with cable ties. Your GPS tracker is a palm-sized black box with a port on one end; see photos.

Screen_Shot_2021-01-06_at_10.05.17_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-01-06_at_10.05.24_AM.png




  • Make sure the vehicle is turned off.
  • Connect the GPS device to the Diagnostic Port in your vehicle. The Diagnostic Port is normally located below the dashboard, between the steering wheel and pedals.
  • If you can’t locate the Diagnostic Port, most manufacturers have instructions online. Google “[car make and model] + diagnostic port location”.
  • Turn on your vehicle. The device lights should begin flashing once it is inserted into the port.
  • Confirm the unit is working by hitting the “Get location” button on the "Cars" tab on the app. It should show a map pointing to the car’s current location (or close to it). Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes for the device to get verified after you have plugged it in.



4) Set up your lockbox

Part 1: Place the lockbox

If you are hanging the lockbox on the vehicle:

  • Wind down a window halfway and hook the window bracket over the edge
  • Roll the window back up so the lockbox is held in place by the closed window

If you are leaving the lockbox on your property:

  • Log in to the app and go to Cars > Profile > Lockbox
  • Click 'Generate shackle code'
  • Follow the instructions to move your lockbox
  • Test that the lockbox wakes up (follow the instructions in the website or app)
  • Update the 'Lockbox location' in your car's profile on the website with the lockbox's new location. Don't forget to select whether it is on car or on property, and if it's on your property, give detailed instructions so borrowers won't have any trouble finding it.

Part 2: Putting the key in the lockbox

  • In the app, open the lockbox by hitting the “Open Lockbox” button on the “Cars” tab


  • Remove any key rings or fobs from your spare key and place it in the lockbox and squeeze the box shut until you hear the lock close. Check that the lockbox is shut.

5) Take initial condition photos of your vehicle and complete your vehicle profile

In order to start your insurance policy for the vehicle, we need photos that show the condition so we can identify any damage that may occur.

  1. Log in to the website (not app)
  2. Go to Cars > Manage this car > Edit profile > Insurance
  3. Upload or drag and drop the photo files you'd like to upload
  4. Click 'Submit photos'




Make sure you fill in all the information about the vehicle under the different headings, including submitting some high quality profile photos under the “Photos” section.



Congratulations, you’re done!

Reply to the email you received from Car Next Door to confirm that you’ve finished installing your car and you’re ready to start getting bookings.


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  • Not very helpful if you want to install the lockbox on a gate/fence. The instructions say you can generate a shackle code but if you are moving from Key Handover to Instant Keys then you cannot generate the code. I then spoke to a person who generated a shackle code but there are no instructions as to how to remove the shackle so you can attach it to a fence/gate. I am not impressed with this lack of good and simple instructions.

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  • Hi Michael, if you head to Cars > Profile > Lockbox, you'll have the option to enter your chosen lockbox location and generate a lockbox shackle code. I've requested that the instructions above are updated to reflect this.

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