This feature is in beta

This feature has been released to a limited number of owners while it is in beta. If it applies to you, you will have received an email about it and see a pop-up message in the app.

Magic blockouts remove the need for owners to block out their car for a last-minute trip.

Next time you have a quick errand to run, just go ahead and drive. We’ll add a magic blockout , and then remove it when you get home. 

Here’s how it works:

  • When your car goes out we’ll place a blockout for 4 hours, or until the next booking starts.
  • When your car returns home, we’ll clear any remaining blockout.

If there’s a booking due to start within 30 mins, you can't drive without cancelling that booking. Keep an eye on your calendar so you don’t duck out at the wrong moment.


If you know you need the car regularly, or want it for a particular weekend (or the Christmas break!), it’s best to block it out in advance as normal. Magic blockouts are for quick trips and last minute errands.

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