Short answer:

If you need your car for a quick last-minute trip, there’s no need to block it out. Just go ahead and drive – we’ll add a Magic Blockout when you leave and remove it when you get home.

Here’s how it works:

  • When your car leaves its homezone we'll block it out for four hours, or until its next booking starts
  • When your car returns home, we’ll clear the Magic Blockout

If there’s a booking due to start within 30 mins a Magic Blockout won't be placed. Your car needs to stay in its homezone to be ready for the booking. Keep an eye on your calendar to avoid driving out at the wrong moment.

Magic Blockouts only apply to cars using Instant Keys. If your car uses Key Handover you need to block it out whenever you need to use it.

Plan ahead when you can

If you know you’ll need your car on a particular day you should still block it out in advance so you don’t end up double-booked with a Borrower. Magic Blockouts are for last-minute quick trips when you want to get in your car and drive right away.

Turning Magic Blockouts off

If you’d prefer not to have Magic Blockouts apply to your car, you can turn the feature off. Go to Cars > Manage > Listing > Availability in the website. You’ll need to block out your car yourself whenever you want to drive it.

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