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The car manual is where you can tell Borrowers how to use your car. They'll see this when picking up the car, so include any instructions on getting it started, and any quirks your car might have.

Your car manual can show rich, useful information to Borrowers to help their trips run smoothly - without contacting you. Add photos and videos if they help explain how to use your car.

Find your car manual under Cars > Manage car > Edit profile > Car Manual on the website, or Cars > Select Car > Profile > Car manual on the app.


The instructions section is for any notes or special features Borrowers need to know about when using your car, like how to adjust the mirrors or how to open the fuel cap. This is shown to Borrowers when they are picking up your car, and available to them throughout their trip.

Immobiliser Instructions

If your car has an immobiliser, enter the instructions to disarm it here.

Like with the lockbox and parking instructions, you can add photos and link to a video to help the Borrowers have a smooth experience with your immobiliser.



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  • Hi, it seems like I cant upload video, could you be more clear?

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  • Hi Emma, you can only link to a video - you would need to upload it to youtube or another video-hosting site and then insert the link to your profile.

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