Who are DingGo?

DingGo combine the power of the internet with the craft and quality of the car repair industry. This combination lets them replace outdated practices (like driving around for quotes), with a completely digital experience, from submitting your damage, to getting quotes to compare, and then choosing to the right repairer for you.

The mission at DingGo is to ensure everyone can afford the time and money to have their car repaired back to the condition they bought it in.

Young Innovative Australian Company
Established in 2018 in Sydney Australia.
Winner of Paint and Panel Innovation award.
Backed by the Australian Federal Government AC Grant.
Helping thousands of Aussies
Thousands of cars repaired (we have done over 2000 but as it's rapidly growing so might be easier to say thousands)
31,000+ real quotes provided
Verified and Trusted Repairer Network
375+ Trusted Repairers across Australia
Australian Biggest Independent Network and Repairer Review Database
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
We are committed to providing car repairs with maximum care at minimum cost.
Average customer rating of 4.9/5 from over 850+ reviews and 135+ Google Reviews.
Super Fast Quote Prices
Get real quotes from real local panel beaters really quick.
Up to 3 quotes returned in less than 48 hours.

The DingGo Repairer Network:

At DingGo they are proud to work with every repairer in their network. They only work with the best, independent repairers who are highly respected by their customers and communities. Every repairer is verified by DingGo before joining the network and is reviewed on DingGo by every person they help.

DingGo are constantly striving to make repairer's lives easier (quoting, booking and winning jobs). They care about them, listening to their needs and working with them to make the DingGo product and experience better for them. 

Some frequently asked questions:

Can panel beaters create quotes from photos?

Most external or cosmetic car damage can be quoted off just a few clear images.

The DingGo system needs just three photos, which we provide an easy guide for you to follow. The DingGo team then check the images before passing on to panel beaters to ensure they are good quality and you will get an accurate quote with no surprises. Don’t stress, if there are any issues with the images then they will let you know and work with you to get them right.

Can repairers come to me?

Yes indeed. There is a network of mobile repairers who specialise in alloy wheel repairs, small paint and scratch repairs and minor dent repairs. These mobile repairers will happily come to your home or office provided those locations have outdoor space for them to work and have access to power and water. When you submit your damage to DingGo you can select an option that includes a request to include mobile repairers in your quotes. Please check with your case manager at Car Next Door.

Do panel beaters on DingGo offer a warranty on their work?

All repairs carried out through DingGo for Car Next Door have a lifetime warranty.

My quotes are very different in price, why is that?

Sometimes the quotes you will receive can vary quite significantly. Most often the reason for this is that some repairers are quoting on repairing the damaged part of your vehicle while others are quoting on replacing the damaged part with a new factory part instead. This is simply a difference in professional opinion on what they think is the right option for the job. A replaced part is guaranteed to look brand new again, but it will usually come at a higher expense.

For more information about DingGo, visit them at www.dinggo.com.au.

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