Why can't I see a particular car in the search results?

Short answer:

Most cars are available to everyone, but there are some reasons why various cars may not be shown to you.

Most of the cars on our platform are available to everyone, but there are some exceptions that will affect which cars show up in your search results. These have to do with your age, the car's insurance, and your driving experience.

Under 21

If you're under 21 you will only be able to book a limited number of cars in the City of Sydney. Once you turn 21 you will have access to our full fleet of cars, vans and utes across Australia. This age restriction is due to our insurance requirements.

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance

Owners can choose to reduce the cost of their CTP insurance by confirming that everyone who drives their vehicle is over a certain age. In these cases we won't show their vehicle to any Borrowers under the age limit. The limits vary from 21 and over, up to 28 and over.

Manual transmission

If you've indicated in your application that you are not an experienced manual driver, we will automatically filter out manual vehicles from your search results.

The vehicle is no longer available

If an Owner removes their vehicle from the platform, either temporarily or permanently, it will no longer appear in search results. If you have booked a vehicle before but you can't see the 'Book this car again' button in your Trip details, this is usually the reason.

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