Dashcams, recording and tracking devices

Short answer:

Yes, but the device must be clearly mentioned in the vehicle description.

Owners may have dashcams or other recording or tracking devices in their vehicles. If there is an active device in a vehicle, this must be noted by the Owner in the vehicle description, so that a Borrower can choose not to book that vehicle if they don't wish to be recorded, or be given the option to switch it off during their trip. If the owner wishes, they may also include instructions on how to deactivate the device in their cars important instructions.
If a Borrower books a vehicle which has a recording or tracking device, and it was not stated in the vehicle description when they booked, they can contact the Owner to discuss switching it off, or they can cancel their booking at the Owners expense and receive the Owner Cancellation credit of $40.
If the borrower simply didn't see the device details in the vehicle description, they can still choose to cancel but they will pay the standard cancellation fee.
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