Short answer:

For each car that you have listed, you'll get messages from Car Next Door. The more cars you have listed, the more communications you'll get.

If you'd like to keep the volume of messages down:

  • update your notification preferences so you only get the messages you're interested in
  • set email filters to file emails that you want to get, but don't need to read immediately
  • use the Help Centre and app Inbox, instead of your email inbox, to view and respond to your support tickets 

Message categories

For each car that you have listed, by default you will get messages:

When you list the car

  • when your car's Instant Keys kit has been sent and delivered
  • when your car is live

These contain important information, so it's best not to unsubscribe or filter these out.

Each time your car gets a booking

  • when a booking has been made, changed, cancelled or completed
  • when you need to leave a review, and when your car has received a review 

Managing your communications with Car Next Door

Set your notification preferences

Choose which messages you want to receive, and where you’d prefer to receive them, by toggling your notification preferences

You can't currently set different notification preferences for different cars, or opt out of updates about reviews.

Set up email filters

If you'd like to get the emails but keep them out of your main inbox, set up filters to direct them to a separate folder:

  • filter on the subject line keywords 'booked' or 'booking' and sender '' to filter the booking notifications
  • filter on the subject line keyword 'review' and sender '' to filter the review notifications

Use the Help Centre and app Inbox

You can view, sort and respond to all your support tickets through the Help Centre, which is a lot easier than using your email inbox. You can also see the status of each ticket and sort for any awaiting your reply. See full instructions for managing tickets in the Help Centre.

In the Inbox tab in the app you can view and respond to your live chat tickets, and start a new live chat. We'll be adding more ways to manage support tickets in the app Inbox soon.

Critical issues with your car

If your car's battery is losing voltage, or if it is out of its homezone without a booking, our system will send you a push notification or SMS. These are important for your car's maintenance and security, so you can't opt out of these.

General updates, news and tips

From time to time you'll also be told about changes to the way the system works, changes to the member agreements, a monthly newsletter, and tips to help you manage your car. These are sent about once a month on average.

You can unsubscribe from these updates by setting your notification preferences

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