Member Agreement updates – July 2022

The purpose of these changes to the Member Agreement is to support Car Next Door joining the Uber family. There’s no change to your experience as a member of Car Next Door. 

Summary of changes


Summary of change


Uber BV and Uber Pacific Holdings Pty Ltd (together, “Uber” in this summary) replace Car Next Door Australia Pty Ltd as parties to the agreement.  


Uber may appoint its Affiliates (now defined in clause 26) to perform its obligations and exercise its rights, including the collection of payments. Car Next Door Australia Pty Ltd will be appointed for this purpose.

7.1, 7.2, 7.3

Confirms that Uber now owns the intellectual property rights in the Website and Booking System, but you have the same rights and restrictions as when Car Next Door owned it.


Minor changes for consistency and clarity


Why is this change happening?

Uber acquired Car Next Door in January 2022. The novation of the Member Agreement from Car Next Door Australia Pty Ltd to Uber is part of the transfer of Car Next Door’s business and assets to Uber. Car Next Door’s team will continue to operate the platform and provide services and support to members. 

When does the new Member Agreement take effect?

From 1 July 2022. 

How do I accept the new Member Agreement?

You can accept the new Member Agreement when you log in to your account next.

If you do not accept the new agreement, you can choose to deactivate your account. If you are sharing your car, you can choose to delist your car

Does this change how my data is managed?

No, the way your data is collected, stored and used is still the same as before. 

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