Can someone else set up my Instant Keys kit for me?

If you can’t physically get to your car to set up the Instant Keys technology, there are other ways around it. 

Some members get their mechanic to set it up (keep in mind they may charge a small fee), or they ask a friend or family member that lives near the car.

If you do ask someone, make sure to share a copy of the instructions or print them out. 

Make sure they record each device barcode/serial number

You'll need the device barcodes later to test if everything is working. They can either send you a close-up photo of each one or just the barcode number. 

What do we mean by a close-up photo? The whole photo needs to be of the barcode. This is because our system will try to register the barcode, so if the photo is of the whole device or has some stuff in the background, it might not work. 

After the other person has finished setting up your Instant Keys, jump online and click through the instructions and test your devices.

Can Car Next Door set up the kit for me?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer this service. We’ve improved the kit and instructions so that owners can set it up themselves without waiting for someone to come out to their car. 

If you need any help with setting up the Instant Keys technology, call us on (02) 8035 8000 or visit our Instant Keys instructions.


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