Updated terms of use - November 2021

The Member Agreement, Owner Agreement and Damage Policy have been updated to align with the new Mobility Mutual cover.

The latest versions are available on our Terms of Use page

The key changes are:

  • The Member Agreement and Owner Agreement are now in a single document. 
  • The terms that related to insurance cover for cars during bookings have been removed from the Member Agreement and Damage Policy, and the relevant terms are now contained in the Trip Cover PDS and Protection Wording.
  • The Owner Agreement no longer refers to cover for cars outside of bookings. This cover will be provided by Mobility Mutual for eligible cars going forward, as we phase out the Instant Keys Plus+ sharing plan. Read more
  • References to 'our insurance policy' have been replaced by references to Mobility Mutual cover and to the Owner Guarantee.

For any cars that are listed on the Legacy Owner or Instant Keys Plus+ sharing plans, the previous terms of use still apply in relation to cover outside of bookings. Those agreements are attached here for your reference.


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