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Car Next Door has launched in Adelaide! To help our neighbourly car-sharing community get established, the first 50 cars to be listed will get three months’ free sharing on our Instant Keys plan - plus we’ll cover the cost if you need to change your rego to share your car.


Adelaide Founding Sharer Offer

The first 50 cars listed on the Instant Keys plan in eligible Adelaide suburbs will get:

  • their first three months’ Instant Keys sharing plan free (usually $19 a month); and 
  • reimbursement for the cost of upgrading their CTP for sharing for the remainder of their current registration period (up to $300).

Eligible suburbs:

Your car will need to be located in one of these council areas (and meet our general car eligibility criteria):

  • Adelaide
  • Unley
  • Mitcham
  • West Torrens
  • Charles Sturt
  • Holdfast Bay
  • Burnside
  • Norwood Payneham & St Peters
  • Walkerville
  • Campbelltown
  • Prospect
  • Tea Tree Gully

Check which council area your suburb is in 

How to claim the offer

  • List your car at
  • Order your car-share kit - we’ll confirm that you are one of the first 50
  • Install your kit and get your car live within 14 days of receiving your kit
  • Email your CTP upgrade receipt to with the subject line “SA CTP Reimbursement Offer”

Fair use policy

To be eligible for this offer, you’ll need to make your car available at least two full weekends a month for people to book. This is also going to mean that your car’s set up for maximum earnings.

If you stop sharing your car, you’ll need to switch your CTP class back to ‘private’, get a refund of the difference in CTP cost and return that to Car Next Door so that we can use it to help get more cars shared!

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