Repair case costs that form part of your Damage and Loss Liability

What are the costs incurred on a damage claim?

When there is damage caused to a vehicle, the cost to get the vehicle back to its prior condition can include more than just the cost notified by the repairer. Below are details of the most common additional costs incurred on a per case basis.

Assessing Fees

In some cases, it is necessary to have a qualified Motor Vehicle Assessor review the damages in order to determine the costs being claimed are fair and reasonable. This cost is necessary to validate the claim being made and is included as part of the cost of the claim.

Towing/Storage Costs

Should the vehicle become immobile or undrivable as a result of damage being sustained, it may be necessary to have it moved from its location and stored at a secure location. 

Loss of use/Unable to use compensation

The vehicles on the Car Next Door platform generate income for Car Next Doors and owners. When these vehicles are damaged they can not be used and as such, there may be a loss of income experienced or replacement vehicle costs incurred until the vehicle is repaired and back on the road. In order to ensure owners are not financially disadvantaged due to damages sustained a charge based on the number of days the vehicle is unable to be used is applied to some damage cases.

Damage Handling Fee

When a damage case is reported to Car Next Door, it is necessary for our team to spend time reviewing and managing these damage cases. In order to offset some of the cost associated with this, an administration fee is charged on a per case basis.


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