You'll need the Car Next Door app before you drive

Short answer:

From February 2020, you'll need the app to use Car Next Door. Essential trip info like the car's current location and lockbox codes will only be available in the app - they will no longer be available in our website.

Can I use Car Next Door if I don't have the app?

You won't be able to use Car Next Door if you don't have the app, as the trip instructions will no longer be available any other way.

Removing the website trip instructions was a hard decision to make, as we definitely don't want anyone to have to stop using Car Next Door. Unfortunately, we just don't have the resources to continue to build and update two separate trip flows (in app and in web).

We've also found that the number of trip-related issues is much lower when people use the app, as we're able to get the right info across in a much better way.

What should I do if I’ve already booked a trip and I can’t get the app?

If you can't get the app, unfortunately, you'll need to cancel your booking. Of course, you won't be charged any cancellation fees and you'll be refunded any amount you have already paid.

  • log in and go to Trips
  • select 'Cancel this trip'
  • choose 'Other' as the reason, and let us know that you can't install the app.

We will cancel the trip and refund any charges. 

Why isn't the app available for older operating systems?

To use our app, you will need to be using a phone running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or greater, or iOS 11 or later.

Newer operating systems have features available which will allow us to continue improving our app, providing a better experience with fewer bugs. If we restrict our app to using only those features which are compatible with older operating systems, our options for improvement would be limited, and the experience would likely leave a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, this means we have had to make the decision to stop supporting those older systems, in favour of providing the best experience we can.

I've had trouble uploading photos before in the app - has this been fixed?

We're always working on improving the photo uploads, to increase the efficiency and reduce bugs. It's an ongoing process, but we're happy to know members are now uploading their photos through the app on more than 90% of trips. However, if you do encounter any issues uploading your before and after trip photos, a fuel receipt, or an odometer reading (Key Handover only), you can still upload them through the website - visit and select the trip that you want to upload photos or documents to.

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  • Locking out older system users is an appalling way to treat customers. I appreciate the associated costs of catering to older systems, but there are those of us who hang onto our phones for as long as possible because we don't want to contribute to the e-waste crisis blighting lives and ecosystems worldwide, or simply because newer phones are unaffordable...doubly so in the context of the pandemic. This sort of behaviour forces users off functional devices and contributes to the e-waste crisis. I would have thought a young company catering to budget-conscious customers, that touts its commitment to 'creating cleaner, greener, better neighbourhoods.' could do better than this.

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  • This is absurd. I've just cancelled a trip because I couldn't use the app due to having an older phone (and it's not even February yet!). I've never had any trouble downloading and using apps--this is the first one I've tried to download that's said that it's incompatible with my phone. I also note that when I search for the Car Next Door app, other car share apps come up, including GoGet and Flexicar. Really poor decision making by CND. Complete rubbish.

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  • Unfortunately, we had to make the decision not to support phones running older operating systems so that we could make improvements to create the best experience we can for the majority of users who are using newer phones. I'm really sorry for the frustration this has caused and hope that you're able to find a good car sharing option that works for you!

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