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The Serviced badge is applied to cars whose Owner has uploaded a recent service record to their profile. It lets Owners communicate directly to Borrowers about when their car was last serviced.

Owners can add the Serviced badge to their car by uploading an eligible service report that was completed within the past 12 months. The badge will be applied to the car from the date of service entered by the owner.

When a car has a Serviced badge, all users on the car's profile page can view the service report. When uploading any documents, blur or white out any personal details that you don't want to be publicly visible. 

What is an eligible service report?

  • Owner's Car Inspection Certificate

 You can download a standard Car Inspection Certificate and take it to your mechanic to complete along with your regular servicing, or as a separate check.

Wherever possible, you should have your mechanic complete this form rather than uploading your own service record. The standardised certificate is easier for borrowers to understand than a report from your mechanic. 

Download the Car Inspection Certificate

  • Mechanic’s service report

To accommodate owners who had their car recently serviced before this feature was released, eligible service reports will also include:

  • a record of the car’s servicing completed by a qualified professional mechanic, listing the parts of the car that have been inspected and whether they passed inspection (like a logbook service report); or 
  • a pink slip (NSW) 

Receipts, stickers or other records of service that don't show the mechanic’s report on the car’s condition aren't acceptable.

What to do if you service your own car

If you are a qualified mechanic, you can sign off on your own service form. If you service your own car and don't have any qualifications as a professional mechanic, you may take your car to any mechanic and ask them to complete the inspection.

How to upload a service report

You can only upload service reports through the web – not the app. 

1. Log in to your account

2. Go to Cars > Manage this car

3. Find the Listing page > Features > Badges

4. You’ll see a link to upload your service record. 


Does Car Next Door review or approve cars’ service records?

No - Car Next Door doesn't review service records. Any claims or statements about the service a car receives are between the owner, their mechanic, and borrowers. The Serviced badge is a tool for owners to present and communicate information about their car’s recent service on their car’s profile. 

How can cars lose the Serviced badge? 

If a user reports an issue with the information provided by an owner, we'll review it and if there are any issues, we’ll remove the information and the badge from the car’s profile. 

The Serviced badge will automatically expire 12 months after the service record was uploaded unless a new service record is uploaded. 


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