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A Trusty Car consistently provides an excellent, reliable experience to Borrowers because it’s well-maintained, gets good reviews, and the Owner doesn’t cancel Borrowers’ bookings.

The Trusty Car badge is automatically applied to the car’s profile when a car and Owner meet all of the required criteria. 

Trusty Car badge criteria

A car will get the ‘Trusty Car’ badge when:

  • The car has an active ‘Serviced’ badge
  • The car has received at least 10 trips in the last 3 months
  • The car has received at least 90% positive reviews in the last 3 months
  • The Owner has cancelled fewer than one out of every 100 bookings across all of their cars.

This means that if an Owner cancels on a Borrower even once during their first 100 bookings, all of their cars will lose their ‘Trusty Car’ badge. Cancellations due to Borrowers’ fault won’t be counted.

Cars will be reviewed every month to see that the car met the criteria over the past 3 calendar months, to check if they met our high standards of what makes a car ‘Trusty’. The badge will be added or removed at the end of the month accordingly. 

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