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A Trusty Car consistently provides an excellent, reliable experience to Borrowers because it’s well-maintained, gets good reviews, and the Owner doesn’t cancel Borrowers’ bookings.

The Trusty Car badge is automatically applied to the car’s profile when a car and Owner meet all of the required criteria.

Trusty Car badge criteria

A car will get the ‘Trusty Car’ badge when:

  • The car has an active Serviced Badge
  • The car has received at least 10 trips
  • The car has received at least 90% positive reviews in the last 3 calendar months
  • The Owner has cancelled fewer than one out of every 50 bookings on this car

This means that if an Owner cancels on a Borrower even once during their car's first 50 bookings, that car will lose its Trusty Car badge. Cancellations due to Borrowers’ fault won’t be counted.

Badge checks are run each night to see if any cars have stopped or started qualifying. The badge is then added or removed accordingly.

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  • Some borrowers do not leave a review - how does this affect getting the trusty car badge?

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  • My car was under the same booking from last 3 months and rest other criteria already met hence , 10 booking in last 3 months is not valid in this case.
    Please restore the Trusty badge immediately.

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  • Hi, is there an answer on whether borrowers not leaving reviews affects the 90% positive review criteria? This is the only reason I can see for losing the badge this month, so it appears to be the case.

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  • How do you get a services badge. My cars are always regularly serviced

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  • Trusty Badge evaluation system is Faulty. I have lost badge as my car was under the same borrower for about 3 months.  FIX YOUR THIS FAULTY SYSTEM OR FIRE YOUR IT TEAM AND HIRE ME TO DESIGN IT PERFECTLY

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