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You can reduce your Damage and Loss Liability to $500 by switching to the Heavyweight plan or paying an extra fee to upgrade to Premium Protection for each trip. You can add Premium Protection when you book or any time before your trip starts. To add Premium Protection after you've booked your trip, select the relevant trip from the Trips page on the website (not app).

Switching to the Heavyweight plan

The Heavyweight borrowing plan features the lowest possible Damage and Loss Liability of $500 for every trip and no bookings fees, for $19 a month. You can switch between the Heavyweight plan and free Featherweight plan at any time through the website.

Adding Premium Protection when you book

When booking a trip, you'll be given the option to add Premium Protection for an extra $1.50 an hour or $18 a day before you click 'Book now' or on the trip confirmation page.

Adding Premium Protection after you book

You can add Premium Protection any time before your trip starts through the website (not app). You can't add Premium Protection after your trip's start time.

  1. Log in to the website and go to the Trips page
  2. Click 'Trip details' on the relevant upcoming trip
  3. Select to add Premium Protection and click 'Add cover'
  4. Your card will be charged and the Premium Protection added to your trip

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  • Hi. Next month I will be wanting to drive on an unsealed gazettes road that is about 10km long out of a total distance of 150 km trip. I have my own travel insurance anyway and wondering how this would affect the total hire as compared to the portion of the trip on an unsealed gazetted road (named road maintained by a Shire of the Wheat Belt)? Cheers Keith

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