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One of Car Next Door's core values is that we are shaped by our community. When you list your car with Car Next Door, it's important that you take into account any sensitivities in the local communities where your car is parked.

To make sure that the local community continues to support both your cars and Car Next Door's community car-share network overall, it's important to be sensitive to any local concerns about parking. This doesn't mean that you need to move your car as soon as someone complains (as long as it's legally parked) - it's about maintaining good neighbourly relations for long-term success.

How to choose a good park

As a starting point, you need to make sure that you choose a parking location that complies with local parking laws and where there are no time limits, parking meters, clearways or other restrictions.

If your cars will be parked on the street somewhere other than outside your own home, then you should park:

  • ideally, adjacent to public land, council or government land, business premises or apartment blocks, and
  • if that's not possible, then along the side of residential properties (rather than in front). Parking spaces should generally not be located adjacent to the front of residential properties, as in our experience this is likely to upset those residents.

Parking multiple cars

If you share more than one car, try to space them out so that there are no more than two cars in close proximity - ideally only one car per street block.

If Car Next Door receives complaints from local residents or councils relating to your car's parking arrangements, we may ask you to find new parking locations and to respond directly to the complaints.

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