If a car you've borrowed is displaying a light on the dash, pull over and read these tips. It's most likely just indicating that a system is operating, but it could be alerting you to an issue with the car.

  • Exclamation mark - this usually means that the handbrake is still on
  • A red light indicates a potential safety issue or serious problem - pull over immediately and contact Roadside Assistance 
  • yellow (sometimes orange) light indicates that something needs to be repaired or serviced soon - contact the owner to check if they're aware of the issue; if you can't get in touch with them, call Car Next Door
  • green (sometimes blue) light indicates that a system is on or operating - for example cruise control or headlights

If you're unsure what any symbols on the dash mean, pull over and check the car's manual (probably in the glovebox) or contact the owner.

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