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When you make a booking and any time you change your phone number, you'll be asked to verify your phone number. You'll only need to do this once per phone number. We'll send you a verification code by SMS that you'll need to enter into the website or app.

How to verify your phone number

You'll be prompted to verify your phone number when making your first booking or changing your phone number. You can also verify your phone number from the Account page in the website or app.

  1. Click 'Send verification SMS'
  2. You'll receive an SMS with a verification code
  3. Enter the code into the boxes
  4. Click 'Verify'

I didn't receive the verification SMS

There are several reasons you may not have received the verification SMS.

  • Does your phone block calls or texts from unknown numbers? If so, change your phone settings then choose "resend code". We'll send another verification code.
  • Is your phone number entered correctly? Try re-entering your phone number on the verification form or on your account page. 
  • Do you have an international number? You can verify an international phone number as long as it can receive text messages in Australia. If not, call us to get your phone number verified.

If you're still not receiving the SMS, contact us so we can help you out.

Why do I need to verify my phone number?

To keep our platform secure, we ask all members to verify their phone number before they can book a car. You only have to do it once, and it just takes a few seconds. If you change the phone number in your account, you'll need to verify your new number before you can book.

I can’t get text messages, can I still verify?

If your phone can't receive text messages you’ll need to call us to get your phone number verified. Once you speak to our team, they’ll call you back on the number you are submitting for verification.

Is a verification code the same thing as a password? 

No. A verification code is not a password and cannot be used to log into your Car Next Door account. Verification codes can only be used once to verify your phone number as an added layer of security. 

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