If a car you've borrowed won't start, don't panic! Check all the tips below and if you still can't get the car to start, call us on (02) 8035 8000 so we can help you out.

  • Check the owner's notes in the Trip instructions. If there's anything particular needed to start the car, they should have explained it here. Otherwise, continue with the general advice below.
  • If it's a manual the clutch AND brake might need to be depressed - if you don't know this, you are most likely not an experienced manual driver. Stop driving immediately and call us - we'll find an automatic car for you to drive instead. 
  • Often cars won't start unless the brake is depressed and car is in park (automatic cars).
  • Steering wheel might be locked. Need to jiggle it at the same time as turning the key in the ignition. The car will start and the steering wheel will release.
  • Keyless ignition: these cars usually display instructions on the dash. Usual requirement is to depress the brake and then push the start button. Start button may have to be held for several seconds.
  • Are all the doors closed properly?
  • The car might be fitted with an immobiliser. Take a look at the dash either side of the steering wheel to see if there's a small keypad. If there is, follow the instructions below for using an immobiliser.

Starting a car with an immobiliser

If the car has a small keypad installed on one side of the steering wheel, it has been fitted with an immobiliser. You'll need to enter a code to start the car.

  1. Look in the app at the Owner's special instructions. You'll find these on the final page of the pick up steps, or tap Get help > Trip instructions and scroll down to the Owner's instructions.
  2. You'll see the instructions for using the immobiliser and the code
  3. Turn the ignition on all the way as you usually would to start the car (the car won't start but you need to do this to wake up the immobiliser)
  4. Turn the ignition off and remove the key
  5. Follow the instructions in the app to enter the code
  6. Turn the ignition on again. The car should start this time.

These videos might help you use the immobilser:

If you can't find the immobiliser code or you've followed these steps and still can't get the car to start, call us on (02) 8035 8000 right away so we can help out.

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