Renting your car outside of the Car Next Door platform

Short answer:

If you're on the Instant Keys or Key Handover sharing plans, you can rent out your car through other platforms while it is listed on Car Next Door, though it's unlikely that you'll get the same protection that renting through Car Next Door offers. If you're on the Instant Keys Plus+ plan or legacy $60/month plan, you can't rent out your car outside the platform. 

Instant Keys and Key Handover

With Instant Keys and Key Handover, there's no restriction on renting your car out through another platform. However, there are a few things you should bear in mind:

  • Car Next Door's insurance only covers your car when it's in a Car Next Door booking. You'll need to check the insurance requirements for the other platform. Car Next Door's insurance won't cover any bookings made outside our platform.
  • When you share your car with Car Next Door, your Borrowers are screened and you have our 24/7 support and payment guarantee. If anything were to go wrong, we've got your back. If you rent through other platforms (or privately), you may not be paid if the Borrower doesn't pay, and you may have to sort things out yourself if the Borrower damages the car, doesn't return it, or racks up fines in your car. 
  • Your car will be available for Car Next Door Borrowers to book instantly any time you haven't blocked it out. If you're renting your car out outside Car Next Door, you'll need to block out your Car Next Door calendar whenever it's not available to Car Next Door Borrowers. It's important to stay on top of this, as fines apply for cancelling a Car Next Door booking

Instant Keys Plus+ and legacy $60/month plan

You can't have your car listed on Car Next Door and also rent it out through another platform or privately if you are on the Instant Keys Plus+ or $60/month legacy sharing plan. These plans offer cover for your car at all times and so your car's activity needs to be managed only through Car Next Door. If you rent out your car outside the Car Next Door platform, you'll void your insurance cover and we may seek to recover any income we've lost and remove your car from the platform.

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