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There are few simple steps you can take to keep your account secure, and help us make Car Next Door a safe and secure car sharing community. Make sure you choose a strong password, change it periodically, and log out of your account if you're on a public or shared computer.

Choosing a strong password

  • Use a password that's unique to Car Next Door - don't use a password you already use for other sites or apps
  • Avoid using simple or common passwords like 'password', 'password1' or '12345678'
  • Use a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols
  • Make your password hard to guess, so avoid using things like your birthdate or partner's name
  • Change your password every few months

Other tips to keep your account secure

  • Log out of your account if you're on a shared or public computer or device - you don't want the next person who comes along to be able to access your account, so always log out if in doubt
  • Never reply to emails or texts asking for your password or other personal details - we'll never ask you for your password, and we'll only ever ask for personal details over the phone or live chat on our website
  • Keep your operating systems up to date - it's important to keep your phone and computer system up to date so you aren't vulnerable to attacks, so always update your software when you're prompted

Password security

  • Data breaches happen all over the web. To keep your Car Next door Account safe we may advise you to choose a password that hasn't appeared in a data breach from another site. 
  • You can learn more about these data breaches and check if you information has appeared in any at
  • When creating a Car Next Door Account, you may get the message "This password was reported compromised in another site’s data breach. Create a different secure password to sign up." 
    • Please choose another password that follows our tips for secure passwords above.
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