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Every borrower has a profile that's visible to the owner of any car they've booked. Your profile includes some basic details about you and your use of Car Next Door.

Just like each car has a profile page, each borrower has one too. This helps build trust between owners and borrowers, and reminds members that they're sharing cars with real people.

To view your profile, log in to the website (not app), choose 'Account' from the menu in the top right, and click 'View your profile' under your name and profile photo.

What's in your profile

Your profile includes:

  • Your first name
  • Your profile photo (if you've uploaded one)
  • How many trips you've taken with Car Next Door
  • Reviews Owners have left for you
  • The list of verified information we have from you (but not the information itself)
  • Your home suburb

  Quick tip

Complete your profile by uploading a photo of yourself. This helps personalise your profile and remind owners they're sharing their car with a real person, even if you never meet in person.

Who can see your profile

Your profile is visible to the owner of any car you've booked, even if you cancel a booking, and will be visible to the owners of any cars you book in future.

You! You can see your profile too, and read all the reviews left for you on your trips, the number of trips you've taken, and all the other profile features listed above. Just go to Account > View Your Profile.


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  • not helpful because i cant see my borrower account?

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  • CND need to insist that borrowers upload a photo of themselves on their profile

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  • Thanks for your feedback, Shawgi. I've shared this with the team.

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