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Your Damage Cover Liability (DCL) amount works like an insurance excess - it is the maximum you'll have to pay if you are responsible for damage (subject to a few common-sense insurance exclusions).

If you're on the Featherweight borrowing plan, the standard DCL is $2,000, but you can reduce it by paying a bit extra for your trip or upgrading to Heavyweight membership.

 In some cases, Owners may pay a DCL if they claim for damage to their own car that they are responsible for.

DCL for Borrowers

The standard DCL is $2,000. You can reduce it to $500 by:

  • joining as a Heavyweight member, for $19 a month; or
  • paying an extra $1.50 an hour or $18 a day for each trip

You'll have the chance to reduce your DCL when you book a trip, or you can switch to the Heavyweight plan at any time.

DCL for Owners

If your car is on our Key Handover or Instant Keys plan, it's only covered by our insurance when it's in a booking.

If your car is on our Instant Keys Plus+ or Legacy Owner plan, your DCL is $500 for damage to your own car, except if:

  • it's with one of your Additional Drivers at the time of the damage (in which case the DCL will be as set out below); or
  • you're driving with a restricted licence, in which case the DCL will be as set out below for a driver with a learner's or provisional licence.

If you're borrowing another member's car, your DCL is determined by your Borrowing plan (see 'DCL for Borrowers' above). Owners automatically have Heavyweight borrowing membership while they have a car listed with the Instant Keys, Instant Keys Plus+ or Legacy Owner sharing plan. You can check your borrowing plan by logging in to the website (not app) and going to the Account page.


DCL for Additional Drivers

When you list your car with Car Next Door's Instant Keys Plus+ sharing plan (or if you're on our legacy $60/month sharing plan), you can nominate up to 5 Additional Drivers who can drive your car. If your Additional Drivers are under 25, over 75, or have a restricted licence, you'll have a higher DCL when they are driving. 

Additional Driver’s Age and licence type DCL Amount
Driver of any age with a learner’s or provisional licence $3,000
16-20 (any licence type)   $3,000
21-24 or over 75 (with unrestricted licence)   $2,000
25 to 75 (with unrestricted licence) $500

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