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Your Damage Cover Liability (DCL) amount works like an insurance excess - it is the maximum you'll have to pay if you are responsible for damage (subject to a few common-sense insurance exclusions).

For Borrowers, the standard DCL is $2,000, but you can reduce it by paying a bit extra for your trip or upgrading to Heavyweight membership.

For Owners, the standard DCL is $500. If you have Additional Drivers, your DCL may be higher if they're driving.

DCL for Borrowers

The standard DCL is $2,000. You can reduce it to $500 by:

  • joining as a Heavyweight member, for $19 a month; or
  • paying an extra $1.50 an hour or $18 a day for each trip

You'll have the chance to reduce your DCL when you book a trip, or you can switch to the Heavyweight plan at any time.

DCL for Owners

If your car is listed with Car Next Door, your DCL is $500, whether you're driving your own car or another member's car.

DCL for Additional Drivers

When you list your car with Car Next Door's Instant Keys Plus+ sharing plan (or if you're on our legacy $60/month sharing plan), you can nominate up to 5 Additional Drivers who can drive your car. If your Additional Drivers are under 25, over 75, or have a restricted licence, you'll have a higher DCL when they are driving. 

Additional Driver’s Age and licence type DCL Amount
Driver of any age with a learner’s or provisional licence $3,000
16-20 (any licence type)   $3,000
21-24 or over 75 (with unrestricted licence)   $2,000
25 to 75 (with unrestricted licence) $500

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