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If you have driving credits in your account, they'll be automatically applied to your next trip charge. Driving credits are applied after your trip is complete but before the distance is charged.

You don't need to tell us that you want to use your driving credit on the trip you have booked. Here's how billing works when you have driving credits in your account:

  1. When you book a trip, you'll see a 'Due now' button showing the upfront trip cost.
  2. Your card will be charged for this due now amount. If your account balance is in credit or debit, the booking page will display how much the credit/debit is, and how much will be charged to your card.
  3. After you finish your trip, we'll apply your driving credits to the full cost of your trip - the portion you've already pre-paid and the distance charges. 
  4. Any balance of the amount you pre-paid will be credited to your Car Next Door account. It will then be refunded to your card within a few days, or you can withdraw it back to your credit or debit card anytime.

You need to have completed the trip before your driving credits expire to make use of them. Driving credits are applied after your trip is completed rather than when it's booked.

Driving credits can be used to cover your trip fees (booking fee, Damage Cover Liability reduction fee, and time and distance charges). They can't be used to cover tolls, membership fees, or any other charges you may incur.

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