Dealing with damage caused by Owners or Additional Drivers

Short answer:

If you’re on our $60/month Instant Keys plan, your membership includes comprehensive insurance for your car at all times. If your car is damaged or lost outside a Borrower’s booking, you’ll be responsible for the cost, up to the relevant Damage Cover Liability (DCL) amount.

If you’re on our free Key Handover plan, our insurance only covers your car when it’s with a Borrower, so you’ll need to keep your own insurance to cover it at all other times.

Instant Keys

If your car is damaged while you are using it yourself, while one of your Additional Drivers is using it, or while it’s parked outside of a booking, you’ll be responsible for the repairs or replacement up to your (or your Additional Driver’s) Damage Cover Liability (DCL) amount.

The DCL is $500 if you are responsible, or between $500 and $3000 if one of your Additional Drivers is responsible (depending on their age and whether they have a full or restricted licence). Read more about DCL amounts for Additional Drivers.

If a third party was at fault and you can provide full details of the other car and driver, you won’t need to pay for the repairs. We may charge you your DCL upfront to get the repairs started and refund it once we’ve recovered the costs from the third party or their insurer.

If your car is damaged outside of a booking:

  1. Report the damage to use as soon as possible
  2. We’ll charge you for your (or your Additional Driver’s) DCL amount
  3. We’ll manage the claim with the insurer and help to arrange the repairs

As with any insurance policy, there are some exclusions from cover. You’re not covered if you (or one of your Additional Drivers) commit a serious breach of the Member Agreement.

Key Handover

If your car is damaged or lost outside of a booking – for example if you, a friend or relative is driving, or when your car is parked – it won’t be covered by our insurance. You’ll need to speak to your own insurer and handle the claim directly with them. If the damage makes your car undriveable, make sure you block it out until it’s repaired so it’s not available to Borrowers.

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