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Having clear parking instructions will help your Borrowers return your car to the correct place, and avoid parking fines. You can update your parking instructions through the website or app at any time.

Updating your parking instructions

You can update your parking instructions through the website or app.

  1. Log in and go to Cars > Manage car > Edit profile > Parking on the website, or to Cars > Parking on the app
  2. Enter your new parking instructions in the 'Parking instructions' box
  3. Click 'Update parking instructions' on the website or 'Save' on the app

Tips for writing clear parking instructions


Make sure that the address you list in the 'Ideal parking address' section is in an unrestricted parking zone. This is the address that will be displayed to borrowers as the 'ideal park' for your car and they'll be asked to return the car as close to this address as possible. It must be an address where the car will not get a fine if it's parked there.

  • Keep your instructions clear and concise
  • If your car is street parked, include any nearby streets with unrestricted parking
  • If you have a parking permit, include the streets where your permit is valid
  • Ask a friend to read over your parking instructions and let you know if they make sense

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