Taking or updating your car's profile photo

Short answer:

Having a clear and attractive photo for your car's profile will help make your car more appealing to Borrowers. You can upload a new photo for your car's profile at any time through the website.

If you're on our Instant Keys plan, our installer will have taken a photo when your car first joined the platform, but if you have some time you can probably take a better one. If you're on our Key Handover plan, we can upload a generic photo to get you started but you should replace it with a photo of your car as soon as possible.

Uploading a new profile photo for your car

You can upload a new profile photo for your car through the website at any time. You can't do this through the app yet.

  1. Log in to the website (not app)
  2. Go to Cars > Manage car > Edit profile > Photos
  3. Click 'Select photo' and choose the photo file you'd like to use, or drag and drop the photo file into the blue box
  4. Click upload

This will replace your car's current photo. You can only have one photo for your car at this stage.


Tips for taking a great photo

  1. Take the photo from the front of the car at a 45° angle
  2. Take the photo far enough back that there is an equal "border" on all four sides
  3. Hold the camera about waist-high so you're not "looking down" on the car


Other tips:

  • The best lighting is early-mid morning and late afternoon on a clear day (the sun is too bright midday)
  • Try to avoid having other cars, rubbish bins, or other objects in the photo
  • See some examples of good photos in this blog post on taking a great car profile photo

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