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To move your lockbox, you will need to generate a shackle code. You will find the instructions and a button for generating these codes on the website or app.

Moving your lockbox to a location on your property

  1. Log in to the website and go to Cars > Manage this car > Profile > Lockbox OR log in to the app and go to Cars > Profile > Lockbox
  2. Under 'Lockbox location' select 'On your property'
  3. Enter your property's street address and a description to help Borrowers find the lockbox - you can also include photos and a link to a video
  4. Click 'Save and generate shackle code'
  5. Follow the instructions to move your lockbox
  6. Test that the lockbox wakes up (follow the instructions in the website or app)

Moving your lockbox to your car

If you're moving your lockbox from your property to your car, get in touch with us first. We'll need to send you a bracket to secure the lockbox on your car's window.

Getting a shackle code when your car has been delisted

If your car has been delisted but you still have a lockbox shacked to your property, please call us so we can provide you with a shackle code.

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  • No no no no no. How can I generate a shackle code when my car is no longer listed! The section you tell me to go to does not exist. I am sick of being told the same thing over and over and you just don't listen to what I am saying. There is NO path to follow in the app or the website that will lead me to the page where I can create a shackle code.

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  • Yeah I agree with Dean, I just tried to follow the above instructions for both the app and website, but there is no such as way to generate a shackle code.
    "1. Log in to the website and go to Cars > Manage car > Edit profile > Lockbox [this shows on a desktop, but not on a mobile, to even when the page is selected to view in desktop mode] OR log in to the app and go to Cars > Parking".
    "2. Click 'Generate shackle code'" In the app, this button doesn't exist under Parking, and Lockbox redirects to a 404 error page.

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  • These instructions are incorrect. This is infuriating

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  • We changed the process for this recently and neglected to update these instructions. I've updated this article now but if you're still having trouble please get in touch with our support team. Sorry for the hassle and frustration!

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  • Change this in the email you send to people you are still saying you need to follow on line instructions not to call.

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