Sharing your car on our Key Handover plan - overview

Car Next Door makes it simple to turn any car into a share car, empowering people to save money, reduce waste and create cleaner, greener, better neighbourhoods. It’s common sense for the common good.

Our Key Handover sharing plan has no membership fees and no minimum availability requirements. You just need to be able to meet the Borrower to handover the keys.


With our Key Handover plan, you and the Borrower meet at the start and end of each booking to handover the keys. You’ll receive the Borrower’s contact details when they make a booking on your car. Contact the Borrower as soon as possible to let them know where to meet you.

Instant bookings

Car Next Door works on a system of instant bookings. This means that your car can be booked instantly at any time when you haven’t booked it out for your own use.


For the system to work, it's crucial that you always book your car if you're going to drive it, and block out any times you're unavailable to meet Borrowers.

To make sure your car is only available to Borrowers at the right times, make sure you:

  • Block out your car through the website or app when you need it yourself - here’s how
  • Block out any times you’re unavailable to meet Borrowers and handover keys - here’s how
  • Set your booking preferences, including the minimum advance notice period you need before each booking, and the minimum and maximum length of booking you’d like to accept - here’s how

Learn more about instant bookings:

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Insurance and damage

Your car is covered by our comprehensive insurance policy whenever it's with a Borrower. You'll need to keep your own insurance to cover your car at all other times.

  Quick fact

It's very rare for cars to get damaged - on average a car would need to be rented out for close to 20 years for it sustain serious damage.

If your car does get damaged while with a Borrower, our repair processes will kick in to get your car repaired and back on the road as soon as possible – we'll take care of it all.

It's important to note that our insurance doesn't include cover for 'wear and tear'.

Learn more about damage:

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We have a simple system for making sure each driver pays for the fuel they use.

  1. You pay for all the fuel that goes into your car
  2. You’re reimbursed for fuel and other running costs associated with Borrowers' driving through your car’s distance income
  3. You choose your own distance income - 13c, 25c, or 37c per kilometre
  4. We track how far Borrowers drive through the odometer readings they enter. You confirm these readings after each trip.
  5. We'll pay you for each kilometre Borrowers drive according to your chosen distance income
  6. If a Borrower needs to fill up during their booking, they can pay using their own money and send us the receipt - we’ll reimburse them and pass the fuel charge on to you

Learn more about fuel:

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You need to have a valid toll account for your car for you and your Borrowers to use. Each month, send us your toll statement to be reimbursed for any tolls incurred by Borrowers.

Learn more about tolls:

How do tolls get charged to the right person?
Setting up a toll account for your car
Sending your toll statement to be reimbursed for Borrower tolls

Managing bookings 

It's both exciting and nerve-wracking when you get your first booking! There are just a few things you need to do before and after bookings:

  1. Contact the Borrower and arrange to meet and handover the keys
  2. Make sure your car is clean and has at least 1/4 tank of fuel
  3. After your car is returned, confirm the final odometer reading
  4. Review the borrower within 10 days of their trip ending

It's also a good idea to take a photo of your car's odometer before each trip if you can. Borrowers are required to enter the odometer reading at the start and end of their trip, but it can be helpful for you to record this too so you can confirm that they've entered the correct details.

Earnings and payments

Each month we'll pay you your share of your car's income, less the cost of any fuel Borrowers have bought for your car. We'll deposit your earnings straight into your bank account.

  Membership and commission

Your membership includes comprehensive insurance for your car whenever it's with Borrowers and 24/7 member support. We take a commission on your earnings: you keep 60% of all time-based income, and we take 40%. We also take a commission on your distance income: we take 8c per kilometre and you keep the rest.

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Your responsibilities

Sharing your car is easy and rewarding. It also comes with some responsibilities:

  1. Keep your car roadworthy at all times
  2. Keep your car reasonably clean and tidy
  3. Keep an eye on your car and check it regularly

Learn more about your responsibilities:

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Using the app and website

The Car Next Door website and app provide you with all the tools you need to manage your car. Here you can see your car's calendar, book your car for yourself, update your car's profile, leave reviews for your borrowers, and see information about your earnings and payments.

Learn more about the app and website:

Using the website
Using the app

Creating your car's profile

It's important that your car's profile is accurate and easy to read. You can edit your car's profile at any time through the website. Make sure you include:

  • A great photo of your car
  • A brief description of your car
  • Any information about driving your car that borrowers need to know
  • All the features that your car has, like roof racks or air conditioning
  • Clear parking instructions to help borrowers return your car at the end of a booking

Learn more about your car's profile:

Creating your car's profile and parking instructions

Communicating with Borrowers

As a car-sharing community, we have a set of rules and standards to keep everything running smoothly. Just as borrowers expect to find your car clean and roadworthy, you can expect your borrowers to treat your car well. In the unlikely event that a borrower does the wrong thing, we're here to help.

Here's what to do if:

A borrower does the wrong thing
A borrower gets a fine in your car

Remember: the community standards, and fees for not following them, apply to car owners too.

Marketing your car 

There are lots of things we do to promote your car, and lots of ways you can help too. Telling your friends and neighbours about Car Next Door, creating an ad on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace, and putting up posters in local community hot spots can all help get the word out.

Learn more about marketing your car:

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Getting bookings

It can be hard waiting for bookings for your car, but it's important to remember that it can take a little while for your car's bookings to build. There are many variables that impact on how many bookings your car will get, including seasonal demand, availability and your car's rates.

Learn more about what impacts on bookings:

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  Availability matters

The number one factor affecting bookings is availability. The more your car is available, the more bookings it will get and more the money you will earn.

There's no minimum availability requirement on our Key Handover plan, but to maximise your earnings keep your car as available as possible.

If your car is booked at a time you need it, it's best to make alternative arrangments (like booking another local car) rather than cancel the borrower's booking. If you cancel a borrower's booking we may need to charge you a fee to cover our costs of arranging alternative transport for them.

Learn more about availability:

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Community and environment

When you join Car Next Door, you join a community of over 60,000 car sharers across Australia. By renting your car out, you're helping your neighbours get around and reducing the waste of under-used cars. Car-sharing is the most sustainable way to access a car, and with Greenfleet reducing the carbon footprint from Borrower trips, your car is also planting trees!

  Quick tip

Want to connect with other Car Next Door owners? Join our private Car Next Door Owners Facebook Group.

Spreading the word

Our mission is to free people and the planet from the ‘one person, one car’ mentality. We want to help as many people as possible save money and reduce their environmental impact. To do that, we need your help to spread the word about neighbour-to-neighbour car-sharing!

You can help by:

Learn more about spreading the word:

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Interested in renting out your car? Get your car earning money for you now!

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