Reducing your Damage Cover Liability (DCL)

You can reduce your Damage Cover Liability (DCL) while making your booking or at any time up until the booked start time for your trip.

You'll be given the option to reduce your DCL during the booking process. If you've already made your booking and would like to add the DCL reduction, you can do this through the website (not app) provided your trip hasn't started yet. 

Reduce your DCL for an upcoming trip

  1. Log in to the website (not the app)
  2. Got to Trips and click on Trip details for the relevant trip
  3. In the 'Future trip details' section, scroll down to the 'Damage Cover Liability' section
  4. Choose whether you would like to reduce your DCL just for this trip ($.150/hour or $18/day) or for all trips ($19/month on our Heavyweight membership)
  5. Click 'Confirm changes'

For more info on how the DCL works and your insurance cover, see: Insurance information for Borrowers



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