The app crashes when I try to upload photos - what should I do?

If the app crashes when you try to upload photos before or after your trip, you can try:

  • Going to the App Store and updating the app to the latest version – then try uploading again;
  • Taking the photos using your camera app and then use the 'upload from library’ option;
  • If it still doesn't work, take the photos and email them to
  • You must upload or email us these photos within 48 hours of your trip ending.

Note: when you take photos in the app, they also save a copy to your phone’s camera gallery.

We're working to squash a bug that affects the direct camera uploads for a small number of users on some phone models. We apologise for the inconvenience!

You can also switch to the website instead of the app to get your trip instructions and upload photos - go to and click 'login'.

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  • I suspect it is not such a small number of users because i have a samsung android 7 smartphone (a very common phone) and your direct camera uploads were not working for me last Friday - had to use the upload from library method which took ages. Have found that your app is slow - in fact wouldn't even open last Sunday and had to email my photos.

  • and i had the latest app in case you're going to assume that.

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