The app crashes when I try to upload photos during a trip

It's really important that you take AND upload photos before and after every trip to protect yourself in case damage is later reported.

If the app crashes when you try to upload photos, you can try:

  • Taking the photos using your camera app and then use the 'upload from library’ option (Note: when you take photos in the app, they also save a copy to your phone’s camera gallery)
  • Ensuring that your app has permission to access your photo library
  • Going to the App Store and updating the app to the latest version – then try uploading again
  • Switching to the website instead of the app to get your trip instructions and to upload photos - go to and click 'login'

If you still can't upload photos, take the photos and email them to

You must upload or email us the photos from before and after your trip within 48 hours of your trip ending.

We don't accept late photos, and we don't accept any excuses if you have not submitted them in time. 

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  • Can you give an update as to when the photo upload issue will be fixed? I cannot upload during my journey as it takes too long or fails. I then take 15-20 mins after my journey to upload pictures. If this is a mandatory step, it needs to work.

    I used to like CND service as it was convenient but this adds too much admin effort so I'll be looking for other options

  • ok..why can you not upload photos to the website ??? as a back up this is what i am trying to do and there is no facility to allow this...why isn`t this allowed ??? isn`t uploading the photo`s within the 48hrs the priority ???

  • I would also like an answer to this problem instead of another batch of automated emails telling me how i cant miss the deadline to upload the photos, or telling me to email them (which i did, but i dont get a receipt or acknowledgment, nor does it show any receipt of photos on the app.)
    I even drove to a nearby cafe, logged onto their wifi to up load. Check my phones net speed of 5mb/second. 10 photos @ under 4mb each should be done in 1 minute. 20min later still not done. Not only that, when i get home, the ones that were already uploading had disappeared so i had to start again. Seriously this photo upload has already taken longer than my car trip and is STILL GOING... some honest info would be nice too. Ie, high there, we are having some technical issues with our photo upload section, please do this... instead of just providing an email address that you don't even bother to respond to.

  • This is a really shoddy experience. Why offer the option if the app keeps crashing and the function doesn't work? It just frustrates the users. When will this issue be fixed?

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