Reviewing time and distance after a borrower’s trip (Key Handover only)

After each trip has ended, you have 24 hours to review and confirm that they returned your car on time and entered the correct odometer reading at the end of their trip. Confirming these details is important so that we pay you for the correct time and distance for each trip.

You can only do this in the website (not app).

  1. Log in and go to Cars > Manage > Bookings
  2. Select the booking you’d like to review
  3. Select ‘Review time and distance’
  4. Choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to let us know if the borrower returned your car on time. If they returned it late, enter the time they did return your car.
  5. Check the final odometer reading the borrower entered, and review the photo they uploaded of your car’s dashboard
  6. If you can, pop out to your car and check the current odometer to confirm the reading
  7. Choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to let us know if the borrower reported the odometer reading correctly. If not, enter your car’s actual current odometer reading, and if possible upload a photo of your car’s odometer
  8. Click ‘Submit’
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