Entering the odometer reading before and after each trip (Key Handover cars only)

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In Key Handover cars, the distance you drive is measured using the car’s odometer. Before and after your trip, enter the current odometer reading and upload a photo of the car’s dash. The app will walk you through the steps to do this when you pick up and return the car.

When picking up the car

Log in to the app within 15 minutes of your trip starting and follow the steps in the app to collect the keys, find the car and take photos. When you reach the step to record the pre-trip odometer reading:

  1. The app will display the last recorded odometer reading - check the odometer to see if the reading is still accurate
  2. If the reading is accurate, choose the option ‘Yes’ in the app
  3. If the reading is not accurate, choose the option ‘No, record a new reading’ in the app. Enter the current odometer reading and take and upload a photo of the dash with the odometer clear and readable
  4. Tap ‘Continue pickup’

When returning the car

Log in to the app and follow the instructions to park the car back home. When you reach the step to record the post-trip odometer reading:

  1. Check the car’s odometer and enter the current reading in the app - the number you enter here must be greater than the reading you confirmed or entered at the start of your trip
  2. Take and upload a photo of the dash with the odometer clear and readable
  3. Tap ‘Continue return’

The car’s owner will check and confirm the final odometer reading you entered and we’ll use these readings to calculate how many kilometres you drove. You’ll be charged for each kilometre you drove according to the car's distance rate.

If you don't enter odometer readings and photos, we'll charge you for a distance based on the Owner's photos or our reasonable estimate, so make sure you enter this information to be charged accurately.

Uploading photos of the car

You must also take and upload photos of the car at the start and end of each trip to protect you in the case of a damage dispute. Read more about checking for damage and upload photos.

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  • As the owner how do I confirm The odometer reading on the app after the borrower has returned the vehicle ?

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  • Hi Benjamin. Instant Key cars calculate the odometer reading automatically. For Key Handover vehicles, Borrowers manually enter it into the app at the end of their trip, and confirm it with a photo of the odometer. Owners can then calculate the distance travelled.

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