What is 'Key Handover' and 'Instant Keys'?

To bring neighbour-to-neighbour car-sharing to more people and more places across Australia, we’re introducing a new way to share cars with your neighbours – it’s called Key Handover.

There will soon be two ways to share cars through Car Next Door.

  • The current system, which uses our smart lockbox to share keys, will now be called Instant Keys.
  • Our new Key Handover system won’t use the lockbox, GPS tracker or toll tag. Instead, the Owner and Borrower will meet to exchange keys, and will report distance and tolls to us through the app.

The new Key Handover system will give car owners an opportunity to try out sharing their car without committing to a monthly fee, installing technology in their cars, or changing their insurance.  

We’ll be able to bring neighbour-to-neighbour car-sharing to more places in Australia. More cars in more places means greater awareness of Car Next Door and more new members ready to borrow cars.

Key Handover will be launching later in 2019, following a trial with a small number of vehicles over the coming months. If you're interested in joining our Key Handover trial, read some more detail about how it works and get in touch. We'll check if your car is eligible and get you set up. Please note that during this trial period it's not possible for existing Car Next Door owners to switch to the Key Handover plan.

As part of the Key Handover project we’re also building some exciting new features. All Owners will soon be able to:

  • block out times when their car is unavailable for pick-up or drop-off
  • set minimum and maximum booking periods
  • set a minimum notice period before bookings

We’ll be releasing more information about how Key Handover will work over the coming months.

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