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There are two ways to share cars with Car Next Door: Key Handover and Instant Keys. With Key Handover, Borrowers and Owners meet to exchange keys in person. With Instant Keys, Borrowers get the keys from a secure electronic lockbox.

How it works for Borrowers 

There are just a few differences between borrowing a Key Handover car and an Instant Keys car. 

  Key Handover Instant Keys
Keys Meet the Owner to pick up and return keys Pick up and return keys from an electronic lockbox - no need to meet the Owner
Distance tracking Enter the odometer reading in the app at the start and end of your trip Tracked automatically by our in-car device
Tolls Reported by the Owner and charged to you - you could be charged for tolls up to 2 months after your trip ends Charged to you automatically, usually within 48 hours

You can see if a car uses Key Handover or Instant Keys from these symbols when you’re searching for a car. You can also adjust the search filters to only show Instant Keys cars.


How it works for Owners

Both the Key Handover and Instant Keys systems let car Owners rent out their cars safely and easily, with insurance for Borrowers and 24/7 support included. The way it works varies a little between the two systems.

  Key Handover Instant Keys
Keys Meet the Borrower to handover and collect the keys Borrowers pick up and return the keys from an electronic lockbox - you don’t need to meet them
Distance tracking Borrowers enter the odometer reading at the start and end of their trip and you confirm it Tracked automatically by our in-car device
Tolls All tolls are charged to your personal toll account. Send us your statement to be reimbursed for tolls incurred by Borrowers. Tolls are charged to our toll tag and automatically passed on to the right person - you or a Borrower
Membership fee Free $19/month (or $119/month on our Instant Keys Plus+ plan)

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