Community Plan Terms and Conditions

If you’d like to access one of our free Community Plans, apply on our website.

If you have an issue with the form, please send an email to with the responses to the following questions. 

1. What's the name of your community organisation?
2. Your name?
3. Email?
4. Contact Number?
5. What's your role within your organisation?
6. What are your organisation's goals?
7. Your organisation's website address

 What is a Community Plan membership?  

The Community Plan membership means you’ll be able to borrow cars, vans and utes with no booking fees, and if you are responsible for damage, the most you’ll have to pay is a $500 excess (subject to some common sense exclusions).

Can we also get free driving credit?

Unfortunately not - you’ll still need to pay for your trips (including petrol, tolls and any fines or associated trip costs).

Can I be part of an international organisation?

You can! However, our focus is on organisations that are contributing to positive changes within the local community. So you can be an international organisation, but your impact needs to have a local focus.

Who can borrow on the plan?  

We’ll provide up to five free Community Plan memberships per organisation. All drivers will need to be verified as Car Next Door members - you can join for free as a member in five minutes. Once your membership application is verified, we’ll apply the free Community Plan.

What do I need to do?

Ensure any drivers who will drive a Car Next Door car under your organisation's account will join Car Next Door prior to driving to ensure they are approved Borrowers.

Include Car Next Door on your organisation's website as a community partner along with a link to and a description of what Car Next Door does. An example description, some photography and a logo can be found here.

Share a post on your organisation's social media feeds and/or email newsletter to announce our partnership.

Share a post on your organisation's social media feeds, website or blog about how you're using Car Next Door to reach your organisation's goals.

Grant Car Next Door the right to use your content on our social media platforms and for other promotional purposes indefinitely, and acknowledge that no royalties or other payments will apply for this use.

Get permission from anyone appearing in the content for their image to be used by Car Next Door for promotional and related purposes.

Be an ambassador for the Car Next Door brand, help spread the message, build awareness for Car Next Door's business and how it aims to reduce the environmental impact on our community and promote our values.

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