How do I post an ad on Facebook Marketplace for my car?

To place a advert for your vehicle on Facebook Marketplace, follow these steps:

Step 1

Login to Facebook and select Marketplace, which you can find on the left hand side of your screen on desktop. On your mobile, the same symbol will be at the top or bottom of the screen.


Step 2

On the left hand side select the option “+ Sell Something”

On your mobile the button will simply say “Sell”


Step 3

Fill out the details of your vehicle.

What are you selling: We would suggest you write something like "Hire my (car make & model) (transmission) in (suburb)" e.g. 'Hire my Mazda 2 (MANUAL) in Paddington'


"Rent my (car make & model) (transmission) in (suburb)" e.g. Rent my Mazda 2 (MANUAL) in Paddington'

Price: Set the hourly or daily rate

Location: You can select the city you reside in, however for greater accuracy, we would suggest setting the suburb your car is located in.

Category: From the dropdown, select the “Cars, vans & motorcycles” option.

Photos: You can add multiple pictures of your vehicle.


Describe your item

We’ve provided some sample text you can use to describe your vehicle, just make sure to replace the capitalised words with details of your car. If you’d prefer to write your own ad (which we love to see!), make sure to be very clear that there is no point in people trying to rent a car directly through you, and that they must use the Car Next Door platform as they won’t be insured otherwise.

Example Facebook Marketplace Description

Rent my Mazda 2 (MANUAL) in Paddington.

Price: $X/hour or $X/day + XXc/km. The per kilometre charge includes petrol, comprehensive insurance and 24/7 RACV Roadside assistance so that you’re fully covered when you rent my car.

To borrow it, go to the Car Next Door website, sign up and book my car!

Details about the car (personalise for what your vehicle offers):

This is a great car, it has ample space for moving items - the seats can lie flat if you need them to. There’s also an AUX cord for sound, and a reverse camera so it’s easy to park!

If you want to rent my car YOU MUST RENT IT THROUGH CAR NEXT DOOR.

Please do not ask me to rent it to you directly as I will not. You and I won’t be covered by insurance and it’s free for you to join Car Next Door. To rent my car, sign up in five minutes on Car Next Door:

  1. Join: To sign up, all you need is your driver's licence. Once your account is reviewed and activated (usually within 3 hours, 9 am to 6pm, 7 days a week) download the app or go to the website.
  1. Find my car: Look for vehicles in SUBURB and mine will be there. There are a lot of vehicles to choose from.
  1. Book my car: You can look at my car’s calendar to see when it’s free to borrow. You don’t need to message me on here to book, you can do it instantly all through the website.
  1. Pick it up! When it’s time for your booking, the Car Next Door app will give you all the instructions you need to pick up the car. You’ll get the keys from a lockbox using a code you generate through the app. You do not meet or contact me.
  1. Return it: When your booking ends, follow the instructions in the app to park the car and return the key to the lockbox.

The car is under Car Next Door’s insurance, therefore I cannot lend my vehicle outside the system. Sorry! Go to to join

If you have a car you don’t use much yourself and want to rent it out to offset its costs like I do, message me and I’ll give you my referral code!

Step 4

Hit 'Post'. Your car is now advertised on Facebook Marketplace!


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