Can I have a company account for my employees to drive under?


We don't support company accounts, as all accounts must be in the name of a person, with their driving history, credit check and licence details provided as part of the account activation process.

However it's still possible to use Car Next Door to book cars for your employees. There are two options:

  • If only one or two employees would need to drive, you can have them sign up as members and use a company credit card as the payment method.
  • If multiple different people will be driving and you don't want the company card attached to multiple accounts, you can have one person's account as the designated 'car booker' and have them book all work-related trips. Other employees with an approved Car Next Door account can then drive on the booking.

Important notes

All drivers must have an approved account in their own name. If you allow someone to drive a Car Next Door vehicle without being approved by us in advance, there is no insurance coverage and your account may be cancelled for breaching the Membership Agreement.

Car Next Door currently only provides monthly invoices. The cost breakdown of each trip is available in the member's account after billing, but a formal invoice won't be sent until the following month.

You can only book one car at a time under each account. If you need more than one car at once, you will need to book from separate accounts.

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