We're regularly working to improve our platform and make sharing cars as easy and enjoyable as possible for Owners and Borrowers. Here's a summary of our recent new features and improvements.

September 2018

Car profile and car listing Web (Owners): We have made changes to the layout of the car profile. Rather than all information being on one page, we have separated the profile out into sub pages to make it easier to find and digest information. 

This has coincided with changes to the car listing process, which we have similarly broken into smaller steps in order to make it easier to list a new car. 

August 2018

Trip Flow App (Borrowers): We are working hard on getting out a brand new Trip Flow for borrowers to use when they have an in progress booking. This has now been released to our Beta Testing group for thorough testing, as it is a big change we want to ensure it works beautifully when we make it live across all users. 

The new trip flow is designed to ensure borrowers are getting all the information they need, exactly when they need it. We've spent months planning, designing and testing the new trip flow, and are looking forward to having improved borrower experience, as well as reduced confusion and calls to owners. 

Here is a video of the new trip flow. A keen eye will see a couple of bugs we are still ironing out:


July 2018

Booking page and list Web (Owners): You can now see a list of previous bookings on your car, or click in to see details of the booking. Check it out

Pretty car descriptions (Owners): Your car description will now show up properly formatted as you intended (with paragraph spacing). This was an oversight that should have been fixed sooner, sorry about that! Update your car profile

Blockout end time is now left open Web (Owners): When using the website to make a custom blockout on your car, the end time will no longer automatically set as the current time. This was prompting an error message that 'End time cannot be before start time'. Check it out

Changes to the damage log (Owners and Borrowers): We’re introducing a simpler, more efficient and accurate way to keep track of each Car Next Door car’s condition and are no longer using written damage logs. See more

Simpler to access contact information (Owners and Borrowers): We've created a new contact page on our website to make it simpler to get in touch with us. Check it out.

Lower DCL for under 25s (Borrowers): We've dropped the Damage Cover Liability for drivers under the age of 25 to $2,000, or you can reduce it to $500 for an extra fee. See more.

June 2018

Redesigned App (Owners): We’ve made it much easier to do some of the most common things you need to manage your car. See more

Calendar improvements App (Owners): The calendar on the app has had a few improvements over the past few months to make it easier to see the details of your car’s previous and upcoming bookings. See more

Reviews added to the app App (Owners and Borrowers): You can now leave reviews in the App. See more

Improved dashboard Web (Owners): We've released a new and improved web dashboard. See more

Consolidated bookings and blockouts (Owners): As part of the new dashboard design, we have also consolidated owner bookings (formerly called ‘reservations’) and blockouts. See more

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