We’re introducing a simpler, more efficient and accurate way to keep track of each Car Next Door car’s condition and to allocate responsibility for any damage that may occur. As the first step in this process, we’ve removed the written damage logs. Borrowers no longer need to check the car against the written log at the start of each trip, and Owners don’t need to submit damage log updates for their cars. 

Until now, we’ve used a combination of a written damage log and photos. We’ve found that the photo records are the most accurate and reliable record, and so the written damage logs are no longer required. A new system for taking, storing and accessing pre-trip and post-trip photos directly through the app will be released soon. 

The new system will make it easier for Borrowers to take and store their trip photos, and speed up our processes so that damage and repairs can be handled more quickly and efficiently. 

For Borrowers 

There’s now no need to check the car against the damage log before each trip. Instead, you’re only asked to take photos of all sides of the car and keep them for 30 days as usual. If you notice any damage, take a close up photo and keep it for 30 days as well. 

For Owners 

Here's a summary of the how the new photo condition report system will work:

  • Installers take comprehensive photos of the exterior and interior of each car when it first joins the platform. These photos constitute the initial condition report.
  • Each time a borrower takes a trip in your car, they must take photos of all sides of the car (as they do currently), as well as of the roof and interior of the car, at the start and end of their trip.
  • You’ll be able to update your car’s condition report by uploading a new set of photos through the website at any time. We recommend you do this at least every 3 months, or whenever you check your car.

We have your initial condition report saved from your car’s installation, and can consult this and provide it to you in the event of a damage issue.

This new system will make it easier for borrowers to take their trip photos, improving the consistency and quality and providing ready access for you, your borrowers, and us. This will speed up our processes so that damage and repairs can be handled more quickly and efficiently. Borrowers will not have access to the initial condition report, or any updates you upload, but will be able to see their trip photos at any time.

The requirement for borrowers to take four external photos before and after each trip will also remain unchanged. With the introduction of the new system, they will also be required to take internal photos. 

The written damage log for all cars has been removed from the website, to be replaced by the photo condition report soon.

Reporting damage to be repaired

For the time being, the process for you to report new damage to your car that needs repairing remains unchanged:

  1. Take a photo of the new damage and send it to members@carnextdoor.com.au, noting where it is and when you last saw the car undamaged.
  2. We’ll check the photos we have for your car to determine who is responsible for the damage and arrange for the repairs.
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