What to do if you get a message that the car is losing voltage

When our system alerts us that a car's battery is losing voltage, we'll send an SMS to whoever has the car at the time – the Borrower or the Owner – to let them know.

If you receive this message, as soon as you can, please check that the headlights and interior lights are off, the doors are closed and the car starts.

If the car won't start

If the car won't start, it's likely the battery is flat. You can call Roadside Assistance to help you get the battery started again - here's how.

For Owners - if your car's battery goes flat due the actions of a Borrower, you'll be compensated for the inconvenience as per the Fee Schedule.

While you can usually jump start a car if the battery goes flat once. If it continues to go flat it means there is a larger problem at hand that will likely require the expertise of an auto electrician or mechanic to repair.

If the car starts

If all the lights are off and the car starts, there could be an issue with the car's electrics or battery.

For Borrowers - Please call us to let us know ASAP. We will let the Owner know there may be an issue they need to address. 

For Owners -Please call us to let us know, then block out your calendar until you can get the car looked at by a mechanic.


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