Giving a Borrower a discount for booking your car

Short answer:

Currently, there's no way to automatically give a Borrower a discounted rate for your car. This is a feature we would like to build in the future, but for the time being this needs to be done manually.

Sometimes owners like to give discounts for long bookings or to regular Borrowers of their cars. There are two ways you can do this:

Temporarily change your rates

You can temporarily change your car's rates and ask the Borrower to make their booking. Once they've made their booking you can put your car's rates back up to normal. The Borrower will be charged the lower rate advertised at the time they made their booking, and any other bookings made after you put your rates back up will be charged at the normal rate.

Contact us

If you prefer you can lodge a ticket through the Help Centre with the details of the booking and discount you would like to give. We can then process the discount manually for that booking.

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