Receiving toll charges after you've stopped renting out your car

Short answer:

Tolls are charged to you the month after they are incurred. If you incurred any tolls during your car's final calendar month on Car Next Door, you'll be charged for them in the following month.

We get our statement from our toll provider at the end of each month, so all tolls are charged to you the month after they were incurred.

For example:

  • You incur a toll early in August
  • You stop sharing your car in the last week of August
  • You'll be charged for your August toll in September 

If you stopped sharing your car more than one month ago and you are still being charged for tolls, please let us know. It's possible your car hasn't been correctly removed from our toll account.

If you think you have been double charged for a toll (because you paid on your own toll account and then we charged you for the same toll), please send us a copy of your toll statement. We'll investigate and refund you if necessary.


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