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We have a range of stickers you can choose from to help get the word out about your car. There are several designs and combinations to choose from, or you can choose not to have any stickers at all.

When you first list your car with Car Next Door, we'll send you all the technology required for sharing and your choice of stickers. These stickers are optional, but do help get the word out about your car.

Sticker designs

You can choose from one our sticker designs to be applied to your car. These can be easily removed if you ever need to stop renting out your car and won't damage the paintwork. You're asked to select your choice of sticker when you first apply to list your car.

These are the designs you can choose from:



Additional stickers 

If you would like additional stickers or your stickers are looking a little drab and need to be replaced, let us know. We can post them out to you free of charge.

Are the stickers compulsory? 

The stickers are not compulsory. We understand that you may not want the stickers on your car, and you are in no way obliged to have them.

It's just another way to get the word out about your car, and they have been proven to be one of the major sources of generating interest among new and existing borrowers. It also adds a little personal touch as you can choose which face you would like.

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