Selling your car to another Car Next Door Owner

Short answer:

If you're selling your car and the new Owner would like to keep renting it out, we can transfer the car to the new Owner's name. There shouldn't be a need to uninstall and reinstall the car.

Transferring the car the new Owner's name will wipe all previous review, trip count and billing history. The new Owner will be creating a brand new listing for the car.

There are just a few things you, the car's new owner and Car Next Door need to do to transfer a car to another Owner's account.

  1. The new owner needs to sign up as a Car Next Door member if they aren't already (they can be a Borrower or an Owner member)
  2. The current owner needs to submit a notice to stop sharing
  3. We'll call the current owner to get the process started - you'll need to let us know the new owner's name and Car Next Door Member ID
  4. Once we've delisted the car for the current owner, both the new owner and the current owner will get an email confirming this step is complete
  5. This email will give the new owner the instructions to create a new listing for the car in their name
  6. We'll contact the new owner to make sure their situation is suitable for sharing the car on Car Next Door and answer any questions they have about how it works
  7. We'll transfer the in-car technology over to the new owner's account - there shouldn't be a need to uninstall and reinstall the car
  8. Before the car can be listed under the new owner's name, they'll need to complete the car's profile and parking instructions, and take and upload a series of photos of the car for the initial condition report
  9. Once all these steps are complete, the car will be available for bookings under the new owner's name within a few business hours
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