What to do if you find a crack in a car's windscreen


If you find a crack in your car's windscreen, please let us know as soon as possible. These cases are usually quick and easy to resolve, but it's important to get it fixed quickly as it could pose a roadworthiness issue for your car.

To speed up the process, please follow these steps as soon as you notice the crack:

  1. Take clear photos of the crack - take at least one close up photo showing the extent of the damage and another taken from a short distance showing the exact location of the crack
  2. Report the damage to us through the Help Centre, along with the photos and the following information:
    - Is the crack in the field of vision?
    - Do you think this crack is due to wear and tear, or damage caused by a borrower?
    - When did you last see your car without the crack in the windscreen?
  3. We'll investigate and determine who is responsible

Report a crack in your windscreen

Key Handover and Instant Keys

If you’re on our Key Handover or Instant Keys plan, our insurance will only cover the repairs if our investigation determines the damage occurred during a Borrower’s booking. If it occurred outside a Borrower’s booking, you’ll need to talk to your insurer and arrange the repairs yourself.

Instant Keys Plus+ and legacy $60/month plan

If you’re on our Instant Keys Plus+ or legacy $60/month plan, our insurance covers your car at all times. You can speed up the repair process by getting a quote yourself.

  1. Check the Car care services section for mobile windscreen repairers, or use your preferred repairer.
  2. Send the quote to us - we'll review it and authorise the repairs
  3. If our investigation finds that a borrower is liable for the damage, we'll reimburse you for the repairs and compensate you for your time spent on the issue
  4. If our investigation finds that the damage occurred outside of a borrower's booking, you'll need to cover the repair cost yourself (windscreen repairs are typically cheaper than your $500 Damage and Loss Liability - if your quote is higher than $500 we'll need to authorise the repairs before they're completed)


If you notice a crack in the windscreen of a car you've borrowed, please call us to report it as soon as possible. Depending on the location and severity of the crack, we may help you find a different car for the rest of your trip.

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